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I`ve been watching Dark Horse comics attempt to launch a superhero line with rebooted Public Domain superheroes, ten years after it was cool to do so (Dynamite was doing it a decade ago).


I`ve had plans for some of these characters for a while now, but they went off-track when the comic series failed. As I`ve transitioned to novel writing I`ve tried to remodel the old ideas into new books. A lot of those ideas (like Johnny Canuck) will cross-over with the Legion series, where they will interact with those heroes.

Others will have a book of their own, which is what I plan for Skyman. You see anyone can simply rebrand the hero and resell new adventures of them. But what made Skyman, Airboy, and the other ace aviators so popular wasn’t just their colorful costumes and it certainly wasn’t their superpowers. It was the high flying action over the skies of America that thrilled the comic book readers of the golden era. This is why I have no interest in the Dark Horse books, I don’t want to read about a pilot without his plane. Most of the time, these characters are dressed as a public domain character but are written as a knock-off of a more popular brand. Eclipse understood this and when they brought the characters back, they kept the planes. Unfortunately learning about aviation must have been too much work for Dark Horse’s writers.

Eventually I will be bringing back The Ghost, Skyman, Black Venus, and a cast of other characters in a book called HERO WING. Not superheroes, but specially trained and genetically adapted pilots with cutting edge fighter planes keeping the Earth safe, the skies clear and the world free.

One day when I have more time, I’ll post the reference art for HERO WING and let you guys know what I have planned. I have so many books lined up it is hard to sometimes keep up with what is in which stage of production, but I do want to get to these heroes eventually.