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As I mentioned in the previous ‘anthologies’ post, I will be submitting my work to a few sites to help bring in some new readers or attract a different audience than what I might find on my own. The first that I mentioned was Portal Under the Sink, which you can find a link to in that post. For that one I plan on doing a tech-heavy Alice in Wonderland story about a man who finds an app on his phone he never put there. . . .

The second one I hope to participate in is called OF WORDS AND WATER.

Of Words and Water is an annual anthology of short stories, flash fiction and poetry from the members of the Review Group. It is published by Words and Water Group on Smashwords (who distribute to Apple, Baker and Taylor Blio, Baker-Taylor Axis, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Flipkart, Kobo, Library Direct, Oyster, Page Foundry and Sony ) and on Amazon.
Here is the Smashwords link for the 2013 anthology:

As I mentioned last year, I donated some money to a water charity for White Zombie, unfortunately no one bought the book in those months so I didn’t raise much but I still made a small donation anyway. This anthology will allow me to write, spread my stories to a new audience and hopefully raise a little more money for a good cause. There is no excuse on this planet for people to not have clean drinking water, it is our second major resource next to oxygen. Read more here:


The most important thing for me is to experiment with genre and the art of writing itself. For Portal Under The Sink I am going to try to write in a tech-friendly style with a fantasy twist, with Of Words and Water, I’m going to try a softer, more feminine and emotional touch. Perhaps I’ll write about water fairies or mermaids or Cthulhu.

What, Chulhu is a romantic creature of the deep. . . like Aquaman with more tentacles. . . .


The Legion Book 2: War Machines will be out in February, need to save some money for the cover and finish off the last quarter of the book.

Can’t give you date yet on The Corrupter, but it is not forgotten.

The Red Spider will appear as a Legion book, once I start going backwards to the golden age, he’ll appear.

Earth Man, Second Edition is still being done, I wanted this finished by Christmas so this has first priority, I need to clean this up so I feel confident about moving onto EM2.