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One of the reasons I have such a hard time with my internet addiction (and I am sure it doesn’t help my depression all that much) is my obsession with connections. Weird quirks in history, strange events in peoples lives, the ennui of life that people often miss, these things are fascinating to me. It is one of the reasons I love the comic book format; the juxtaposition of imagery can tell a story all by itself, without any words needed.

Which brings us to this. What is funny about this picture?

Now, you are probably thinking there is NOTHING funny about that image at all. How could this crazy writer possibly make an interesting story, or even a funny blog post, out of that image??

Now wait, who the hell is this guy? Do you recognize him? You might, if you are over twenty or have a particular love of comedy. This guy right here? He designed that cover art. Apparently this mysterious man was a graphic designer before trying his hand at something new. . . .

See that is what makes life so grand, the big changes, the different roles, the different people we can be. I can’t think of anything more depressing than being the same exact person from birth to death, doing the same boring job, day after day until you are put in the ground and forgotten. That is why it is always good to pursue whatever interests you, chase whatever catches your eye, you never know where it might lead you.

So who is this guy and what did he do? Well he wrote Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure with Paul Reuben and then. . . he was in your house every week.


For almost two decades we saw this man every Saturday Night, or heard his voice every Sunday on the Simpsons, in fact I can’t even look at a picture of Phil Hartman without hearing one of his many great characters. Phil was a graphic designer and had no acting experience when he joined The Groundlings, the comedy troupe responsible for pretty much every single funny comedian of the last thirty years.

I could spend hours looking at stuff like this, thinking of how things could have been. Had he stuck with graphic design, he’d probably be alive right now. But then again, would he have been famous, been loved, been remembered?

I leave you with that thought and some of Phil’s bloopers. That’s one of the oddities of the internet; in the past all died and few were remembered, today, all die but all will be remembered. You never know who is going to look back and see their ancestor on YouTube or in the background of a Tumblr photo. People will never be forgotten, but they might disappear into the big book of forever. . .