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I decided this year to relax a bit, finish up those projects from last year (The Corrupter and PUNCH), do at least a handful of Legion novellas and continue the White Zombie franchise for Halloween. I want to plan out some conventions or shows here, but unfortunately there is a shortage of money. Hopefully I can save up a little to get into Fan Expo this year.

I started the new year seeking out anthologies to submit to. It’s easy work and it might bring some new readers to my site. The key is finding the right theme and doing something remarkable with it. I’ve got three of them on my list now, which I will be telling you more about soon.

The first one is called THE PORTAL UNDER THE SINK.


What is this book about:
We are looking for stories of travel and adventure in fantastic and maybe not so fantastic places that you might not want visit. Maybe it is the the bus station outside of Grand Rapids, or maybe it is inside the trash compactor in an imperial star cruiser. Maybe it is even Narnia, but the one in the mirror universe where all the animals talk, but they are really all just out for your seat on the throne as the king or queen (and they have cute little beards). Wherever you end up, you likely didn’t want to be there.

The stories can be light and humorous or more dark and serious, but should all contain an element of the fantastic, while keeping the subject matter appropriate for all readers. (Translation, you need to keep it PG-13.)