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Every time I sell a copy of a book, I am filled with dread. Oh sure, I hate the hollow feeling of NOT selling a book, but the dread feeling is almost as bad. The reason is because I am just one doing most of the work and I never seem to catch ALL the typos. Like the kipple in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, it seems to spread and grow, infecting other words and then multiplying, turning them into useless piles of letters. I can never truly guarantee that all typos and errors have been corrected in the same way a publisher can, because I am not able to pay anyone to do it either. WHITE ZOMBIE had an editor because it was an anthology and my friend volunteered, who is a remarkable comicbook and journalism editor, but you can’t take advantage of your friends all the time.

So here is the offer that I propose, which I have mentioned before. If you buy one of the digital books, send me an e-mail with the typo and I will send you a new copy, with a correction and/or another one of my books for free. All I require is the name of the site where you purchased it and the page/chapter/ or a cut/paste of the typo. Another book to make up for the pain of those damn little errors.

Theoretically, you could probably get all my books for free if you can manage to locate a typo in each one after the first purchase. . . .

Contact e-mail is ravenheisenberg @ gmail DOT com