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The future.

From the first moment Oberon O’baron laid eyes on the robot, he was in love. With just a glance the petite artificial girl set his heart aflame, sending him into an obsessive frenzy. As the old-fashioned Englishman struggles with his new found passion, he is led into a world of political agendas, futuristic vice and sexual frustration. Oberon is obsessive, cowardly, self-loathing and weak but his mind is sharp and his dedication unwavering. All the pleasures he had denied himself, all that he had missed out on could be reclaimed.

The Corrupter is a science fiction tale of obsession, set in a world where everyone is watched and nothing is private.


January (2014)


The delay was caused by Earth Man. I am currently revising a second edition because I was not happy with the errors and some of the little limitless things that always seem to be a problem (such as formatting).

If you bought the first edition of Earth Man and would like the second edition, please send me an e-mail message and I will send it to you for free. Just be sure to mention when and where you purchased it.

I really want to get this book out, but it has to be done right, right?