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The Police Officer had to do a double-take when he saw the fat man, wrapped in a black Canadian flag, chained to the traffic sign outside the police station. The man was not hurt, but his face was red and puffy with rage. Or perhaps with alcohol, with the Toronto Mayor you could never be sure.


The officer took his time, circling the Mayor with a smile on his face.


“Unchain me damn it!” The Mayor shouted.


“What happened here?” The young officer asked, drawing out the Mayor’s suffering. Although he was dressed, the night had been cold and the ground was coated in frost.


“I got caught.” The Mayor said, his head dropping in shame.


The scandals that had plagued the Mayor were known world-wide; for months Toronto City Council had tried to oust him from office but without any legal way to do so, all they could do was restructure and remove his political powers. He removed the black flag from around the Mayor and looked toward the bus station, then the street to see if he could catch a glimpse of the elusive hero who had forced the Mayor, the arrogant, bloated, egotistical Mayor who had refused to budge or compromise, to offer up a full confession.


“I want to confess.” The Mayor said, his voice low.


“Right this way Mr. Ford.” The Officer said.


Even with video of the Mayor smoking crack, the police had little evidence to press charges with. Stuck to the Mayor’s chest with black tape was the Mayor’s crack pipe. A confession would mean his days of Mayor of Toronto were over. For the first time in his career, the young policeman radioed in for backup, bolt cutters and a higher ranking officer with a joy that was rare to find in his line of work. The young officer folded up the black flag and placed it into his patrol car nearby just as the Sergeant came out of the precinct. One day that black flag might be worth money and if not, at least the young cop would have a memento of the occasion.


“God damn vigilantes,” the Mayor hissed. “He doesn’t know what he’s started. He’s just attacked Kuwait.”


All of the police officers chuckled as they cut the Mayor free of his chains, placing him instead in handcuffs. Not every day for them would be this pleasant, but on that day the whole city had a laugh and breathed a sigh of relief as their troubled Mayor was lead away to prison where he could get the help he needed.


This page is taken from my short novella, THE LEGION, featuring a reboot of my superhero universe. The book should be available next month.