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The future.

From the first moment Oberon O’baron laid eyes on the robot, he was in love. With just a glance the petite artificial girl set his heart aflame, sending him into an obsessive frenzy. As the old-fashioned Englishman struggles with his new found passion, he is led into a world of political agendas, futuristic vice and sexual frustration. Oberon is obsessive, cowardly, self-loathing and weak but his mind is sharp and his dedication unwavering. All the pleasures he had denied himself, all that he had missed out on could be reclaimed.

All he has to do is claim the robot Nivia as his own. If he can prove himself, if he can find the time alone with her he needs, he is sure she will reciprocate his feelings. Except he has forgotten to ask himself one very important question.

What does Nivia want?

CORRUPTERv3January, 2014