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On Monday October 28th my new short story will be released on KINDLE and Smashwords.


Harmony Gibbs only wanted to see her abusive father die, instead she witnessed the death of everyone in town. Yet with all the secrets kept in Sweetwood there was still more, buried deep beneath the earth. Beneath the town was a twisted mirror image of Sweetwood where the Midnight Children hid. The war between the two species had shook Heaven and Earth and things had come loose, escaping in the chaos and flames. The Midnight Children were the descendants of ancient monsters and now for the first time in millennium the monsters have returned to walk the Earth.

When Harmony meets one of them, a skinny creature named Scavenger, both wounded hearts find the one thing they never expected to find in the center of a maelstrom of death: true love.


To celebrate my other short story THE INVISIBLE WOLFMAN will be FREE on Amazon from October 30 to November 1st, FREE for HALLOWEEN!

AND because I love giving away free stuff, the first five people that send me the names of the two bands whose songs I combined to form the title of this book will get free copies of the stories!!

So come back here Monday and when the blog goes live with the links to the books, the first five people to e-mail the names of the bands and the songs will get free copies of BRUTAL HEARTS, CREATURE FEAR.

How’s that for a Halloween treat?