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White Zombie got a review, here it is:

“Seemed a bit racist to me and I believe that the author (s?) where looking for a way to express their feelings? Not sure here since I didn’t try analysis it. 
One race will rise out of the zombie threat. One race will prove its superiority over the others by being immune to the zombie virus. This states that there are genetic differences in the races that will make one more superior than the other and therefore immune to such a virus. There is very little common thread with the short stories. Although the idea that a genetic marker will allow immunity is a good idea.”

Obviously it is a off-hand review meant to basically state his opinion more than it is a critical review of the book. Which means I’ve made it! I am a real author and publisher. Because what would the publishing business be without knee-jerk reactions and what would the internet be without people being offended or leaping to false assumptions?

I’d love to know what exactly is racist, the fact that only black people survive the plague or that everyone else died? I mean first you’d have to argue that surviving in a world full of zombies is a blessing. . . .

I am glad the guy took the time to post a review and I’d love to discuss his issues with the book with him, but he is entitled to his opinion and thank you Thomas Boshell for posting a review!