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So I am pushing myself to write every day, if I am not working on novels I am doing short stories for a collection or digital single sales. Here is a sneak peek.

Here is what I wrote today, code name is SPACE TROLLS. Real title will be released when it is finished.


Why they chose to attack the Earth, no one could say. They were too far out in the solar system to ever travel to Earth, not even with their advanced technology, so why cause so much death and destruction? One theory was that the aliens were preparing Earth for a later invasion, that the EVO-Ray was simply a warm-up test to a bigger attack. Others believed it was an accident, they refused to believe an intelligent species could be behind the attacks and almost without any concern for facts they built an elaborate conspiracy theory. The truth was that the aliens did it simply because they could. It amused them to watch the destruction they had cause from so very, very, far away. They could lash out at humanity from the safety and comfort of their own homes or dwellings, safe from any repercussions, free of any responsibility for their actions. They were, in a sense, space trolls and with the EVO-Ray they could text message monsters across the stars.

The first EVO-Ray hit mainland China, specifically the Qingdao Forest Wild Animal World, more specifically the male ostrich who resided there. The ray was invisible to the human eye but the moment it engulfed the ostrich the creature began to change. First it grew, doubling in size every couple seconds until it stood a towering eighty feet. To the crowd of visitors, it seemed unbelievable and fake. They began to gather around, taking pictures, trying to figure out how such a fantastic publicity stunt could be pulled off. Then the creature began to change; tiny serrated spikes formed along the beak, the feet became bigger, the claws on the toes longer than a man and sharper than a tiger’s. When it craned down its neck and swallowed a man whole, the visitors knew it was time to run for their lives. The creature, called the Qingdao Ostrich on Twitter, made it out of the zoo but was soon shot and killed by a Chinese military helicopter. The creature’s feathers were bulletproof, but the long neck was hit by the helicopter’s propellers and the creature was mortally wounded. Scientists flew in from all over the globe to study the mysterious growth and mutation of a fairly average Ostrich. Only two other people were killed by the Ostrich as it jumped the zoo wall, crushing them in their smart car parked outside.

Three days later a second beam hit the city of Toronto, Canada. It was night time and there were few animals around but there were more than enough raccoons. When the female was hit by the EVO-Ray it screeched so loud it woke everyone within a four mile radius, it’s wails so loud when it reached fifty feet long and fifty feet high that the houses next to it began to shake. Large patches of its fur fell out, covering the lawns like carpets. It’s face changed into something more feral and it began to reach its huge paws into the windows of nearby homes, pulling people out and devouring them like insects. The city was slow to react, the shaking and screaming was not enough to wake the city and so the Toronto Raccoon Creature feasted along a major stretch of Yonge street until the morning commuters noticed it trying to hide from the sun inside a subway tunnel much too small for it. Thirty seven people were injured in the collision and it took four hours for the raccoon to die after being struck in the face by a train.