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Tim took the stairs two at a time, right to Gerry’s bedroom. He had spent time in their house over the years, not much but at least a weekend every year, mainly to get out of his own place and away from his parents. Aunt Beru was always more tolerant and less judgemental than his own mother. He would never admit it now that she was dead, but Tim had often wished that Beru was his mother when he was younger. It took as his will not to shout out the young boy’s name, but his heavy boots were making enough noise and he didn’t know what to expect once he reached the top floor. Buzz and Woody stickers decorated the door of Gerry’s room, all stuck to the bottom half of the door. Tim looked at the stickers, then took a long ,deep breath. Then he pushed the door open slowly, prepared for the worst. Instead he saw a small shape curled up in bed under a light blanket. The boy faced the window on the opposite wall and Tim couldn’t tell if it was Gerry or not but who else could it possibly be?

“Gerry? It’s Tim. You okay?”

The boy moved, he was alive, yet he did not rise or turn around. Tim stepped into the room, checking for anyone who might be hiding inside. There was something off with the boy; the blanket was pulled up too high, covering everything except his hair. Tim stepped closer, standing over him.

“Hey bud, you alright?”

Someone had made an effort to conceal and hide the boy, but it was obvious there was something wrong.

“Gerry? Did they hurt you?”

Tim reached down and gripped the top of the blanket. A part of him was afraid to see what lay beneath but he pulled the blanket back quickly anyway. As he threw back the covers the boy jumped up on the bed. It was not a boy at all, even though he wore a child’s overalls. His hair was the same colour as Gerry’s but it was a little person of about forty years, with a dark gray stubble on his chin and a large 9mm in his hand. The dwarf smiled from ear to ear and the morning sunlight streaming in through the window danced across the silver gun.

“The London Underground Circus has a message for you.” The little man said.

“Yeah? What’s that?” Tim said, taking a step back.

“BOOM!” The little man exclaimed as he tightened his hand on the grip of the gun. In a second he was going to pull the trigger, Tim could see it in his eyes, he could see the muscles in the wrist bulge as the smiling dwarf tensed for the kill.