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So of course I haven’t been as productive as I’d liked this past summer, unfortunately I won’t have as many books done this year as I planned. I’ve been working on a novel based on a comicbook property for a publisher I have tremendous respect for, which has delayed PUNCH and THE CORRUPTER a bit. If that deal goes through, I’ll have to give it top priority. Until then, I will have PUNCH finished in the next two months.

PUNCH: October, hopefully.

TERRORMOUTH: Will start this novel in October, hopefully finish off the Corrupter.

Then in 2014 I have Fallen Gods with artist Perry Osuna and White Zombie 2: The Yellow Horde.

The Red Spider is coming along as well, but rather than work on it, I set up the other novels at SMASHWORDS. Check out my author profile here:

Smashwords is a great site but they are very particular about how the books are set-up. The version of White Zombie on Smashwords could not have a table of contents, so instead I replaced it with the fictional letter by the President of the United States.