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While working on PUNCH I remembered something I thought needed sharing.

In Legion Unleashed #2, there is a town called Grise Fiord, that is captured by an army of time displaced Soviet soldiers.

I actually contacted the town and local tourist department for photographs, so all the places in the comic are in fact real homes, with real people living in them. In fact the ethnic diversity of the town was also apparent in the way Francisco Paronzini illustrated the people. In other words, when at all possible, we portrayed everything accurately.

In EARTH MAN, Danny Boyle is from Kelowna, British Columbia. While not as accurate as I would have liked, there is a point where Dan and his friend Phil sit down for a beer on the bottom of a road leading up a hill. That place actually exists as well, you can find it on Google Maps.

PUNCH is a little farther out of my comfort zone. I’ve taken liberties with L.A., I needed to for the sake of the story, but the locations there are real as well. Right now I am trying to find a place outside Sun Valley, Arizona to place a music festival.

Reality is the anchor that holds down the fantasy elements of your story. I make sure to add as many real places as I can, because who knows, maybe one day they’ll let me come visit. 🙂