I don’t even have a title for this book yet, but I’ve begun building the two main families on the two opposing worlds, their family slogans and insignia. The only thing I can describe it as is DUNE meets GAME OF THRONES.

The Esmer Family have played a role in Elurian politics since the formation of the Republic. Many members of their family of both sexes have held positions as High Executives, with a few of their ancestors having served as Exalted Executive’s, the highest position of power on the planet. Every person on Eluria has some level of psychic ability, but the Esmer’s have specialized in one part of the brain; fear.

Vidalia Esmer is the only daughter of the Esmer family, the selective breeding of their family line has left them without male heirs. Her Aunt refused to be married to a cousin before her disappearance during the last Portal War. Vidalia has sworn off marriage as well, but on Eluria, the good of the many outweighs the needs of the individual. Vidalia may have no choice.