I don’t even have a title for this book yet, but I’ve begun building the two main families on the two opposing worlds, their family slogans and insignia. The only thing I can describe it as is DUNE meets GAME OF THRONES.

HOUSE BERYLIUM were once simple blacksmiths until they invented the metal they named after their clan. Armed with Berylium swords and armor, they soon rose to power and wealth and are currently the ruling power of Ago. As the Ageans moved into space travel on warp ships, it was the Berylium family that destroyed the Kingdoms of Shado forever, bringing a golden era of peace to the planet. The current king, Randall Berylium, is the brother of Hogan Berylium, hero of the last Portal War. It was Hogan Berylium who led the Ageans to victory over the armies of Eluria, using the weapon forged out of their own life force, the soul shard.