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One of my very first pitches. Never got far or sent it out. I wanted to do a story about freedom and the value of life. Doctor Doom, a dictator, and Captain America, who we all know very well now, are two opposite characters brought together to stop a terrorist attack in Latveria.

Outline for a Graphic Novel or Limited Series


First Draft, August 2000


Steve Rogers decides to take a vacation and look up an old war buddy named

Cornelius Van Holden who has retired and is living out his remaining days in Latveria. Although a country ruled by Doctor Doom, it is a common place for people to retire. After all, crime is almost non-existent, and there is no risk of a battle occurring between super-powered heroes and villains.

Steve and Cornelius reunite at Cornelius’ house and enjoy a pleasant evening sitting on the porch and reminiscing. Steve is struck by the beauty of Doom’s castle, seated on the top of a hill with the sun setting behind it. He also notices the children playing in the nearby park at such a late hour and their lack of fear, without any parents around protecting them. It is not quite America, but Steve Rogers respects what Doom has done with Latveria, regardless of his own personal feelings toward the man.

That night Steve is resting peacefully in the guest room of Cornelius’ house. He is suddenly jolted awake by a loud explosion outside. Running into the street, Steve notices a house burning, horses and people running in fear and general chaos in the streets. A horse drawn carriage rampages toward an innocent woman, but Steve manages to tackle her out of the way with an acrobatic roll. Moving closer, he sees people suffering and dying, infected by a strange virus. An older Latverian man stumbles and falls into Steve’s arms, blood pouring from his nose, his skin blistered and cracked. The virus is powerful to have overtaken the people so rapidly and Steve must get away quickly. Too late – as he heads back to his friend’s house, blood begins to pour from his nose. His skin starts to blister and he quickly loses consciousness. Blood is the last thing Steve Rogers sees as he falls to the ground.

Victor Von Doom stands over the unconscious body of Steve Rogers lying on a hospital bed. “His face is handsome, as mine was all those years ago,” thinks Doom. As Rogers awakens, Doom turns and two Doom robots come and stand next to the bed. Doom tells the robots to bring Steve, and they roughly drag the half conscious body behind him, to his throne room. The robots drop Steve carelessly on the ground as Doom sits in his large chair.

“What happened?” Steve asks. “The bomb contained a fast acting viral agent. It was not very complex, and easy for one such as Dr. Doom to find a cure. I saved as many of my people as I could. You, however, are not one of my people. Who are you?” Steve tries to make it seem as if he is nobody important – just a tourist visiting a friend. “Do you think that Doctor Doom is a fool?” Doom says angrily, rising to his feet. From behind his throne, he raises high the shield of Captain America. “This was found with your belongings, a strange item for a simple tourist. In times past I would have vaporized you where you stand, but I am not the same Victor Von Doom I was. I now have more pressing matters; I must discover who has dared to terrorize the people of Latveria. So, you shall remain imprisoned here until I have decided what your fate shall be.” As Doom finishes speaking four robots come and grab Steve Rogers, as he is still too weak to fight, and drag him off to the dungeons below the castle.

Doom enters his laboratory, where two scientists, a man and a woman, are using a large computer scanning system to analyze samples of the virus and fragments of the bomb used to dispense the virus. “Take this,” Doom says, handing the shield over to one of the scientists, “and discover all that you can. I wish to know the exact elements used to create this shield, for a metal such as this should only be possessed by one such as Doctor Doom.” The female scientist grabs the shield and walks off. The male scientist brings up a computer display screen and begins explaining what he has discovered to Doom. “The virus enters through the mouth, as it is an airborne virus,” he begins. “Primary multiplication occurs in lymphoid tissues in the oropharynx and intestinal tract, mainly the ileum. Small amounts of the virus reach the bloodstream and are carried to other sites in the reticuloendothelial system, where extensive multiplication occurs. Secondary viremia is followed by invasion of the Central Nervous System.” “Fool,” says Doom. “This I knew. I have already created the vaccine. What I must discover is who would be so foolish as to attack the people of Doctor Doom.” The scientist changes the view on the screen, to show a microscopic analysis of the computer components used to make the bomb. A familiar symbol comes up, the symbol of HYDRA.