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I raised the prices on my Kindle books. I know it is a pretty big increase, but the books are still less than the average cost of an e-book. I did this for one very obvious reason: people equate price with value. You ever tried to give away free stuff? The first question you get it “what’s wrong with it?”. I worked in a grocery store one time that didn’t have sales because the customers WANTED to pay more, if they wanted lower prices they would have gone somewhere else. It wasn’t the cost, it was the social status that came with paying more.

In other words, people respect a higher price point because it conveys a sense of value and worth.

It’s a balancing act between what I need to survive, what I can do to make the books more appealing and making sure the satisfaction the readers get for their dollars is high.

What I’ve done to offset the higher price on the novels is to release a line of Raven Heisenberg Presents books. These will still be a dollar.


These books are really short stories for the Kindle and other e-readers that allow you to read some of my stuff without investing too much time and money. If you like these shorts, come back and check out the longer novels.

Check out the first novella HERE.