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Recently my DCUO server was down, so I went back to   Left 4 Dead 2. As anyone who plays the game knows, the last character picked is always Rochelle, voiced by Rochelle Aytes of the show MISTRESSES. Not too many zombie killers want to use the black woman, apparently. Now my ID on steam is ravenheisenberg, an alias I’ve been using for at least a year now because Richard Evans was too common, I think there are at least four authors on Amazon right now with the same name. So there I was, with the name Raven and a woman character and three guys on headsets who I could not communicate with because I won’t wear a headset. I hate hearing chatter, to be honest, but on the PC you still hear it, even though you can’t talk back.

First off I’ve never heard the word CUNT thrown around as much as I did during that game session. I am not much a team player, I’d rather run into a horde of zombies with a cricket bat and see who is left standing. So I pissed off these guys a bit by running off, getting into trouble and basically having fun and the default word seemed to be the “C” word. Bitch came up occasionally, but it was being called a CUNT so much that really astounded me. Even on Facebook I didn’t hear that many insults. If my experience is what most women go through, I am not surprised they don’t play more online games. These boys were just flat-out ignorant.

Yet there was one strange thing that happened. Normally in multiplayer L4D2, you get caught by the zombies, you get left behind. Even though these guys were insulting me, they always seemed to come to my rescue. They actually came back for me at one point when I got stuck.

I don’t recall anyone ever giving me a health kit when they knew I was a dude. . . .