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As you might have noticed, I work on several things at once, some of which end up by the side of the road as I speed by on my typewriter motorcycle. I am currently talking with a sculptor and writer in her own right named Angelina on another horror novel called TERRORMOUTH.

Eight feet tall, skinny as death with long lanky arms, the most hideous feature of the monster is the wide, terrible mouth with rows of razor sharp teeth. At first the Terrormouth might appear to be another destitute homeless man, but beneath the thick beard is a mouth that is hungry for flesh.

Tobey Fish is only twelve and a slow developer. He’s not interested in girls, or boys, or anything other than his one passion: Horror movies. In the basement of his grandfather’s house is a museum dedicated to the movie monsters of Hollywood cinema. Tobey knows them all and is considered the expert of all things horror related in his tiny town of Riverbend. One day while rushing home in a rain storm, Tobey finds the one thing his collection was missing: A real live monster.

Near death and in great pain, the Terrormouth follows the boy to safety. As the monster heals, its hunger grows and Tobey must decide whether his life is worth his obsession.

TERRORMOUTH: The story of a boy and his supernatural monster, a coming of age story soaked in blood. 2014.