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I’ve decided to give all rights to the Canadian Legion/Legion Unleashed comic book to Anthony Hary. I know it might sound strange but I don’t have any time or even that much interest in pursuing comics anymore and while I love their world, I don’t feel I am going to be visiting it in the same form for a while. By giving it to Anthony, who is one of the best people in the world, I can maybe see it grow further under his parental guidance. If not, no harm done. I was considering releasing the characters and art under a Creative Commons license, letting anyone do what they wish with it, but this is better for now because it might help a friend. If he can even make a couple bucks off Black Flag posters for Calgary Comicon for example, then at least I’ve done SOMETHING to help out a friend who has done a lot for me.

This includes the characters THE BLACK FLAG, SNOWFALL, MELISSA MAPLE, THE HORSE, PLASTI-GIRL, DARK OWL and MECHANIQUE, as well as the villains; Kronosh 1 & 2, the Proletarian and Octobriana.

Sometimes you got to let the cat out, not because it will benefit you directly, but because the cat needs to see the world out there. As Roger Rabbit said, Richard you c-c-c-c-c-crazy!