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JUNE 1st, for ONE DAY ONLY, White Zombie, Earth Man and both issues of the Legion Unleashed comic will be free. I’ll have the sales page set up to take you directly to those books.

Download them all, or just the one you like, it is up to you, but all digital copies of my currently available self-published titles will be free on June 1st. I hope you guys will check it out.


White Zombie

A flu-like virus ravages the Earth killing everyone within 24 hours. Only the black race seems immune. This blessing soon becomes a curse as the rest of Earth’s population rises as flesh-hungry zombies. Contains 11 scary short stories by various authors.


Earth Man

After a strange encounter in the woods, Danny Boyle finds himself gifted with superhuman abilities.

He has little time to adapt to his strange new powers. A hungry alien virus that can control and manipulate human flesh has landed on Earth.

With the power of the animals at his command, Danny must face a trio of monsters determined to consume all life on the planet.