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Earth Man is the first book in a trilogy starring Danny Boyle or his family. In the book he figures out a way to hide his identity without looking ridiculous. The helmet that Danny wears in the second half of the novel is this:

The helmet is from a company called Del Rosario.

The first layer of protection are gel inserts intended to to eliminate vibrations and other small forces that current helmet technology utterly ignores. While these kinds of forces are unlikely to cause injury, they do cause fatigue and discomfort.

The second layer of protection is a multi-layered laminate liner. Capable of flexing, crushing and delaminating, this liner can deal with a wider range of forces than a traditional styrofoam liner, which can only crush. Through the controlled destruction of this layer, a lower level of force reaches the helmet’s main level of impact absorption.

A carbon frame of arched members composes the Del Rosario helmet’s main safety mechanism. Through the magical power of science, theses arches can be precisely tailored to flex or break in a predictable manner, coping with both high and low energy loads.

Pretty high tech stuff for a guy that duplicates bird powers. . .