Last week I mentioned I’d bought a new computer and hadn’t transferred all my files into it, so I was unable to get to the Red Spider file and write anything up for the week. Well the same thing happened again, but I am not one to make mistakes, instead I call them “a change of plans”.

I basically changed my writing routine, so when I am online, I am not writing. When I am writing, I am not online. I have done this to be more productive, as other creators can tell you, Facebook is a huge time waster. So unfortunately I won’t be able to do the Pulp Sunday’s anymore, which were a lot of fun to do but not the most efficient way of doing it. I usually spent the whole Sunday morning trying to get the thing done while my two boys ran around asking for breakfast. . .

However I feel guilty about having people follow the story for all these weeks only to have me weasel out of it. So here is what I am going to do:

I am going to finish the Red Spider novel, THE COLD HANDS OF DEATH and give it away free throughout the summer, I’ll finish writing it before I begin working on White Zombie 2 and after The Corrupter. Again, it will be free when it is released.

It’s the least I can do for all of you who check out the blog here.

I know it seems lame, that I can’t be online and writing at the same time, but the time I save from distractions can equal a whole other book!