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Sorry everyone, I recently bought a new computer and since I don’t make a living off my writing, I had to work the three days after I bought it. This means I never got the programs installed I needed, or the files transferred, to work on the Red Spider today. Today would have been the third month of consecutive weekly postings and I think it went pretty well. I could do it later, but I have two days off work to finish off the Earth Man novel because I want to get the advance copies sent out to a few friends before the April 1st release date.

I should have some news or a new Red Spider for next week and I apologize if you came here today for the next installment.

I should have everything back on track soon. When I got the new computer, I took all my old writing files and put them on the computer in my bedroom so I could work offline, I wasn’t being as productive as I wanted to be (damn Facebook).