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To promote EARTH MAN, my first science fiction novel, I’ll be posting a new woman of science fiction every day for the next nine days. EARTH MAN will be released April 1st.

#8 Dr. Beverley Crusher

Dr. Crusher

Any time people bring up the women of Star Trek, its all about Uhura, Uhura, Uhura. Sure, she has her place on the list and in the history books, but Gates McFadden was a chereographer/dancer for the film Labyrinth. That alone puts her on this list, the doctor really could dance.

Through the years we watched as she developed from a shy, awkward doctor to a certified boss on the Enterprise. Unlike Uhura, we actually got to learn about her family and life, she was more than just a deck hand, she was an important part of the command structure on Picard’s enterprise. Not only that, but she was the only woman who could consistently keep the interest of the Captain. Dr. Crusher makes the list  because of her intellect, her work ethic and her dance moves. Sure, her kid would be a burden, but Wesley’s not SO bad . . . .

“If there’s nothing wrong with me… maybe there’s something wrong with the universe.”