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The “Real” World of TMR

THE MIDNIGHT RAIDER takes place in a ‘real world’ setting. There are fantastic elements, and slight changes to our understood history that, as exposed through the story, will add excitement and intrigue to the audience’s experience.

… And There’s More!

The world of THE MIDNIGHT RAIDER is expansive, and includes at this time 30+ fully realized characters. We look forward to sharing the journey of Reid Liston with you as he and you get to know the many faces of this world!

Coming of Age Adventure

THE MIDNIGHT RAIDER follows Reid Liston, a 17yr old young man who finds himself confronted by realities he was unprepared for, unaware of, and ultimately kept from him by his own parents.

Find out more at: http://themidnightraider.com/

The Midnight Raider created by Anthony Hary, Kat Hary and Richard Evans.