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The year I put the word RICH in Richard . . . . 🙂

Very soon I should have the cover for White Zombie Volume 1, which will allow me to get the book out in print as intended. WHITE ZOMBIE 2: The Yellow Horde will be available on Halloween, 2013.

EARTH MAN should be ready in a couple months, I plan to unveil it at one of the comic conventions this year. Still working out the details on that. I hope to have the collected RED SPIDER novella available around the same time!

Beyond that, everything is still up in the air. Nobody pays me to write, nor do I make any money off the books (well not really, we’re talking a few copies a month here) so I can pretty much write whatever I want, whenever I feel inspired to work on something new. I might have THE COMIC BOOK REBELLION in the works, but we’ll have to wait and see, I might try another horror book before then.

Also next year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and even though it will technically be fan fiction, I have an itch to give you all a story about the Doctor. . .