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No one was prepared for an alien invasion. Especially when the aliens looked just like us.

Twenty years after taking control of the Earth, the Prime now watch and monitor all human life on the planet.  Joe Hardy is one of a Prime-Eight, a group of eight individuals who take orders directly from a Prime Deconstructor. Their job is to tear down the remains of the old human world and rebuild a new empire in the name of the Prime. Joes friends in the resistance told him a chemical was available that could give humans the edge they need to beat the Prime and their advanced combat skills, but Joe doesn’t put much faith in the resistance.

Until he discovers that the chemical is real. With it, humanity can finally even the odds against the Prime invaders. Yet how could they get the chemical to enough humans to lead a rebellion? How to get it into the hands of the people without being discovered?

An old comic book printer holds the key to humanities salvation.


A novel.