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Unfortunately we couldn’t stick with the $1 price tag. I still have pdf’s for a dollar of the same issue, but if you want the version that looks great on the iPad, this is it!
It’s a bit complicated as far as the pricing goes, basically to offer it for a dollar I’d have to pull all other editions of it off the web, including Graphicly and my own site. If I do that, I get less exposure for the book and I am hoping to get it on Comixology eventually.
Issue #2 should be available tomorrow. Issue #1 is here!


As gifted men and women begin appearing around the world, Canada becomes the first country to form a team of super-humans dedicated to protecting the lives and freedoms of all humanity. But heroes cannot exist without villains and as the heroes gather together, great evil also begins to rise; not only from ancient realms but inside the hearts of men and women. It will take a Legion to keep the whole world Strong and Free.

The four government approved members of the Legion come face to face with a Yenaldlooshi, an ancient shape shifter who seeks to replace the President of the United States. Standing with them are two vagabond heroes, The Black Flag and Snowfall, who have been pursuing the murderous skin-walker for months.