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I’ve been published in the HORROR HEROES anthology!

Dracula, the Wolf-Man, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy. These are names that have haunted children’s dreams for decades. Monsters that stalk the night, killers and freaks, dangers to all mankind. And heroes. In these pages, authors Nicholas Ahlhelm, Darrell & Darrin Albert, Travis Hiltz & Richard Evans reinvent these monster tropes into four all new superheroes with a dark tint. Dracula, The Monster’s Frankenstein, The Pharaoh and the Invisible Wolf-Man aren’t just monsters, they’re Horror Heroes.

Nicholas Ahlhelm (Author), Darrell Albert (Author), Darrin Albert (Author), Travis Hiltz (Author), Richard Evans (Author)

My story features a character co-created by myself and Anthony Hary THE INVISIBLE WOLF MAN!

Check it out and support the small press publishers!