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One of the things we debated was whether or not to chronologically organize the stories. Andrew, in his role as a great editor, advised we do it to make it easier for readers. However I decided against it, because of the nature of the anthology and the fact that other writers were involved. I didn’t want to time stamp and date their work, which is only being borrowed from them for this first edition.

However, a good idea is a good idea so here is the basic timeline of the stories in WHITE ZOMBIE:

May 24th, 2012

5 AM: People in Japan seem to die of mysterious causes, no one is sure why.

6 AM: The virus begins to spread, beginning on the East Coast as commuters head to work.

7 AM: Nauru Coral begins her shift at the hospital.

8 AM: Twitter and Facebook posts begin to reflect the sudden flu-like symptoms people are experiencing.

9 AM: Numerous car accidents and injuries occur as people become sick. People begin flocking to hospitals. Robbie and Zed open their garage for business. (CHOPPER)

10 AM: Allison stays home with Derrick, her husband. (CURE FOR THE HEART)

11 AM: Rob Stacks barricades himself in his house, loading up on guns and ammo. (PENANCE) A car crashes outside Trisha’s house. (FRIENDS FOREVER)

12 PM: Lynn is noticeably sick, it is her and her husband’s 20th wedding anniversary. (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY)

1 PM: Looting begins in New Orleans when word gets out that black people are not getting sick.

2 PM: Butch and the Champ weigh in for their fight for the WMF title.

3 PM: Ballerina is born. (BALLERINA HOPES)

6PM: Rosa helps three young men escape police custody. (THE FIGHTING DEAD)

11 PM (Tokyo Time): Mingli and Nianzu begin to look for help as Japanese dead begin to rise. (CITY OF SHADOWS)

MIDNIGHT: Virgil heads to the scrap yard. (CHOPPER)

May 25th 2012

9 AM: Robbie is sick but he opens the shop anyway. (CHOPPER)

10 AM (South African Time): Board of trustees votes to lay off most of the employees. (THE MINORITY)

1 PM: Soldiers in Afghanistan encounter zombies. (SOLDIERS & ZOMBIES)

8 PM: Butch challenges the champion for the WMF title.