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So White Zombie is going to be delayed past Halloween. I am disappointed but the artist, Steven Russell Black, has a show on November 2nd and can’t possibly deal with all his obligations in that time frame. I completely understand, something like art can’t always be set to a deadline. Truthfully, as awkward as a position it puts me in, I chose him for a reason. He does great art, you’ve seen it, it’ll be worth the weight to see that in color. Bear with us, we’re getting there!

When it comes to the pricing of my books, all Raven Entertainment Studio books, all digital copies are $1. I’ve seen some crazy prices for books, $6 PDF’s, some higher, some lower. What for? I want people to read these stories and enjoy them and I write them because I can’t help it. How can I take something I love and turn around and whore it out for as much as I can? The only reason I charge anything is because, as the wise Joker said, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free!”

Obviously I have to charge something for the print copies, trees were cut down to make that paper, people make a living binding them, making the ink, shipping them out, etc. Basic economics that you can’t ignore. But online, this is between you and I, the writer and the reader and a dollar between gentleman (or ladies), is a fair deal. That way if you don’t like it, you can discard it, since it cost you less than a chocolate bar.