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I don’t know for sure if I can make that Harper Collins deadline, not without drastically compromising the story I want to tell. While the story is already plotted out and written as a screenplay, part of the fun of writing is not knowing what is coming next. While writing, often what was planned as one scene soon becomes another. Fights will break out, people will make love suddenly and passionately, characters will come or go as they please. The only time I ever enjoyed ghost writing was when I got to add and change things. As much as I’d like to take advantage of submitting work to one of the biggest publishers in the business, I am not willing to rush the book to do it.

We’re still waiting on the cover for White Zombie, so hopefully we’ll at the very least have an e-book edition available for Halloween. I know it sucks to wait, but you know that saying about good things? Hopefully WHITE ZOMBIE is one of those good things worth waiting for.

So I’ll be working on Earth Man until the end of the year and PUNCH, which needs to be worked on a bit more. PUNCH hit a slow patch in the middle that I need to work through.

What comes next?