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Heroes have existed since men first started telling stories to impress others. Tales of mans bravery were the first tales we told each other around the primitive camp fires. Every month for almost a century the colorful adventures of vigilantes in spandex have amazed and amused readers. From the penny dreadfuls, to the dime novels, to the comic books of today. But this is not a Pulp/Golden Era homage, this is the 21st century and I want to give readers the newest, craziest ideas in the world of super-heroics!

HEROES UNLEASHED will be an anthology book much like our upcoming WHITE ZOMBIE book, focusing on superheroes for the 21st century. All stories will be set (mostly) in the modern era, give or take a few variables.

THE TWIST: The only catch is that these heroes and their stories have to contain material that mainstream comicbook publishers would never put money into. The bizarre or arcane, horrible monster heroes, sexually deviant villains, violence, sex, mature themes, guns, gay rights, GLBT heroes and villains, stories about minority or immigrants, etc. I don’t want to tell stories those guys don’t want, I want to publish stories that industry can’t or won’t publish.