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Known as the Cancer, the Black Touch, the Shifting Corruption, the Growth is the major threat of the novel EARTH MAN. Now that I have revealed their origin I figured I’d share a bit of information on them.

Originally nothing more than an a sentient eukaryote species, the Growth spread across the face of their world. Though individually conscious, there was no sense of “individual”, each piece was part of a bigger whole. There were three strains of the Growth with specific tasks: The breeders, the leaders and the troopers. Breeders consumed much more energy and originally grew faster and spread farther than the others. The leaders were specifically made to problem-solve, using the resources at their disposal to plan ahead for their survival. Their world was not an easy one to survive on, the troopers were not originally a soldier caste but were actually more like battle engineers. They would be the first of their kind to spread into new and hostile territories or the first to bridge gaps or merge two existing colonies across a dangerous expanse.

After the collapse of their home-world, the spores of their species managed to survive in space, landing on other planets. Once the Growth came into contact with the DNA of alien they learned of their true potential. They could shift and re-arrange the aliens form. The changes could be made almost instantly, the Growth contained huge amounts of bio-energy within them that made it easy for them to trigger massive mutations in the host bodies they inhabited.

The Growth had no sense of individual death. The continuation of their species was all that mattered to them, each of them was expendable if it meant the expansion and evolution of their species. They had no concept of pain and suffering, as a bacteria they never experienced any physical sensation. Through host bodies they could experience these things but they did not consider them valid. Other life was ‘not of them’ and therefore not worth consideration. Any experiences they had through the host body was a passing challenge to be overcome.