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Yesterday I mentioned The Midnight Raider which I wrote for Anthony Hary. It was later rewritten by Kat and Anthony Hary. I’ve worked with Anthony many times on different things but one of our upcoming projects, one of the last comic projects I’ll be doing is DARK NEMESIS. DN takes the sixty year old myth of the Batman and flips it upside down.


“Monstros City is a city of fear. Citizens huddle under their beds afraid of the criminal rats that scurry in the walls. The criminals slink into their holes when the corrupt police force marches through the streets. The police live with their eyes turned down, afraid to meet the gaze of their crooked masters in the skyscrapers overhead. The food sickens, the air chokes and the night waits to feed like a vampiric leech. No one is safe and no one ever escapes.

Only I can change it. My ears are everywhere, I will hear their plots and shatter their schemes. My eyes are everywhere, I will see their crimes and break their bones. I can give the people of Monstros City the security they need under my iron fist. I will bring order and discipline to the people under my boot heel. They will rejoice in knowing that they need not fear the myriad of monsters in the night, they need fear only one. I will bring them peace through war and terrorism. I will help them find strength in their ignorance. I will be their Dark Nemesis and they all will fear only me. They will find happiness in slavery.”

Dark Nemesis created by Richard Evans and Anthony Hary.

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