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Lightning Strike is an Irish comic book imprint that is currently working on developing an anthology magazine. The first issue came out in May.

Lightning Strike #1 is now available! You can buy it from Dublin City Comics on Bolton St for €5. Be sure to check out their Facebook page where you can see photos from some of the cons they’ve been to recently.

In the meantime, why not click some the links listed below and check out some of the awesome reviews their inaugural issue has been getting:


Liberation Frequency

The Pubcast

Irish Comic News


My script for BLOODLESS is going to appear in the next issues, illustrated by Robert Carey. Robert could really use a hand with inking, so if anyone is interested in being part of this UK magazine project and would like to work with new creators, drop either of us a line!

Bloodless is the story of a superhero archer whose still fighting the good fight, years after the others have moved on. A new threat and a new love interest reignites the fire within in, but will it be enough to keep him alive?