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Designing good book covers is an art into itself. Even though I found the right artist with Steve Russell Black, having the right style across a variety of books is going to be the most difficult part of the process. Writing the book is easy, I have the ideas I just need to lay down the words. The covers above by George Steiner are nice, but a little too corporate. I’ve never been comfortable with my name being bigger than the title. I guess it goes back to my roots in comicbooks.

The book design, once out there in the world, cannot be taken back. It cannot be quickly edited or changed. It will require a lot of planning and preparation between myself and the artist.




Each book I will be doing will be of a different genre so unlike Yates books, you can’t go with a common theme or thread for every cover. They must be alike in design, but they must also represent the story the book is telling.

Penguin books has some of the best covers ever made. From their 007 series to the classics, Penguin has always known that the cover can speak for the book long after it is put down and tells a story long before it is picked up.

What we have to figure out is how we can tie two books; WHITE ZOMBIE about black survivors of a zombie plague, and PUNCH a novel about the relationship between two vigilantes, and make covers that speak to each book and it’s audience while offering a style and theme that can match it to the other book.





These Kafka covers do a great job of showing you the weirdness of Kafka’s stories. But having stuff stuck to your face is a weird theme.

We’re going to be working on this very hard. Wish us luck!