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Last night I was working on a scene in PUNCH in which the villain Mr. Bill Jangles, the Black Clown, is transforming himself into a new character. Bill had just gotten his head shaved by a barber and was relishing his rebirth. Then for no apparent reason I decided to kill the barber.  I figured there had been a lot of talk in the book recently so it was time to bloody it up a bit.

So in walked Mad Melanie, Bill’s new partner.

It’s strange when you are writing and you have everything plotted and planned out and then out of nowhere a new character walks in. Bill himself did the same thing, it was originally going to be Bill’s boss that was the villain of the novel but Bill was just so damn charming and interesting that I decided to make him the Big Bad for the first book. Melanie, however, just sort of crashed the party.  Unlike that other clown girl with the obnoxious Jersey accent, Mad Melanie doesn’t say much. She doesn’t need to.