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Count Orlok is perhaps the oldest vampire known to man. Even he has forgotten his old life, most of the memories of the body he was born into were shed along with the living skin.

Once a farmer in Eastern Europe, after his transformation he was known to his people as Nosferatu or The Bird of Death. He grew rich on the blood of the Huns as they swept across Europe and when he was full he slept for the first time.  Sleeping in a pit of rats and dirt, his body underwent the first vampiric transformation. His body became thin and gaunt, his fingers and nails grew long, all body hair fell out and he could no longer digest anything but blood. When he awoke he was what could be described as a traditional vampire.

Sleeping in his pit during sunrise and hunting at night, Orlok lived as a creature of darkness for centuries. Eventually the rats that he controlled began to carry with them disease and plague, forcing him to widen his hunting range across all of Europe, reaching the shores of England. Although he reveled in the death that surrounded him, blood was becoming harder and harder to find. Orlok built himself a great castle in the hidden mountains of Germany and like a spider, lured his prey into his web. One such victim was Varney the Vampire and his lover Fiona. Varney was able to escape but Fiona was consumed by the newly titled Count, giving him his first taste of vampire blood. The vampire blood was a rush of power to the Count and he realized that as he aged the blood of humans lost it’s magic, that he had become a higher level predator and would need a greater food source. Count Orlok fed on as many vampires as he could find, a nightmare to the creatures of the night. He stopped only when he encountered the vampire hunter Vlad the Impaler. Vlad defeated Orlok and Orlok was forced to hide, once again falling into a transformative sleep. This state was known as ‘Torpor’ and it was essential for vampires to sleep for long periods of time.

Most of the undead creatures that have menaced mankind were created by a schism between the human soul and the earthly flesh. A zombie, for instance, has no soul, but the flesh is animated with an appetite for bodies still inhabited by a soul. A mummy was a fleshy golem what had no appetite and no soul, but still believed itself to be alive and the flesh would not age or wither. A vampire, however is a soul that cannot leave the flesh. The blood sustains the body but the vampire is anchored to it forever. As the soul lives on past it’s usual lifespan, the body begins to change. At first human blood is enough to sustain them but as they age the body can no longer contain the power of the vampire soul. Vampire blood can prolong the destruction of the flesh but eventually even that will not sate their immortal appetite.

When Orlok awoke he needed a new body, for his was almost passed the point of no return. Without the flesh, his soul would become a tormented ghost, forced to haunt his castle or his coffin for eternity. It was easy enough for him to transfer his soul into another vessel, transforming it into a duplicate of his former self. In this way he continued to feed between long stretches of sleep. Other ancient vampires joined with him, guarding each other as they slept, protecting each other from the younger vampires that sought to feed off the rich blood of their elders. They awoke only once in the 19th century, when it was decided that Germany was no longer safe. Moving to America, they had a giant tomb built underground by slaves who were eaten when the job was completed. They sealed themselves into their massive new crypt and their they slept until the 21st century.

Count Orlok will awaken again, this time to a world full of magic and superheroes. Humanity has changed and evolved, a new species of humans known as Homo Sapiens Demonus are born with exceptional abilities. He will find a new body, one which can transform into living steel and he will become virtually unstoppable.