I promised the contributors I’d put the word out on who they are and what their stories are. Here is the first:

“Cure for the Heart” is in some ways a love story where an interracial couple is forced to come to terms with the fate of one and also face some issues from the past of another.  I didn’t want to just write another story about people trying to outlive an apocalypse, but I wanted a story about people trying to cope with living without each other, and I think that the White Zombie anthology was the perfect place to tell such a story.  The White Zombie just seemed like a great story concept to me when Raven Heisenberg (Richard Evans) first announced it.  I really thought it was a great opportunity to tell stories that could revolutionize the horror genre and the zombie legends as well (if you can call zombies a legend).  When I started writing the story, I honestly didn’t know how it would flow and I definitely had a time with polishing the ending, even though I’m not fully satisfied with it myself.  Being an African American though, I think that the stories of White Zombie could greatly influence not only a new generation of horror writers but many African Americans as well. 

Marcus E.T. is a young writer from Plymouth, North Carolina.  Since the age of eight, he enjoyed writing short stories and reading them aloud to his classmates and decided that writing is what he wanted to do with his life.  He entered his first writing contest at the age of nine and won first place for his age group in the state with a narrative science fiction poem.  Throughout middle school and high school, he took a reprieve from creative writing but took a new interest in journalism, which is what he would later major in when he attended North Carolina A&T State University.  Since graduating college, Marcus has taken an interest in comic script and screenplay writing as well.  He currently resides in Sanford, N.C.  For more from this author, please visit penandswordink.weebly.com