The first book I ever completed, the first thing I ever published was a book of poetry called SYSTEM OF A SOUL. The original version had a cover by an unknown artist named Ben Templesmith. Although I don’t write poetry anymore, writing it did teach me something valuable. Through poetry I learned the power of imagery and words; how to evoke an emotional response with a minimal amount of words. It’s a great way to learn how simple changes of words or combinations can create interesting images for the reader.

The poetry book was rewritten as a spoken word performance piece which you can download for free!

If you are interested in checking out my book, it’s available through AMAZON here.

We sailors, we men,

left to drown in the sea of love

eagerly hoping for women in boats

to draw us out, to couple

to keep us afloat

Sometimes we find ourselves dumped

Back into the cold waters

Oft time we jump ship

The sea is unchanging

the tide unrelenting

I gave up hope and washed ashore