After a lot of deliberation and discussions with many of the artists I know, I finally settled on Steven Russell Black as the artist for my upcoming series of books.

What convinced me Steven was the right man for the job was his consistency with his DRAWING A DAY work. When you get to see an artist work over a large period of time, you can see a style and presence in their work that you might not get off one or two pages, especially when it is work for hire. Even though my books will be different genres I wanted a uniform look that will make them pop off the shelf.  WHITE ZOMBIE is an anthology, put together with the help of a variety of other great writers but it is first and foremost a horror book. PUNCH on the other hand is borderline science fiction, but would really be considered a superhero book. So having someone that can take those different elements and put them into a common theme is going to be exciting!

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